Survey Script Setup

We offer complete range of survey script setup. include working with professional market research agencies to design the survey

Survey Design

Professional survey design deliver the result you desired


Human translation to ensure the quality of the translation

Survey Logic

Setup skipping, piping, looping, to enhance data quality.

Multi Media Embed

Embed image and video to survey to enhance survey appearance 

Survey Quota Control

Get the sample distribution correct for the data collection.

User Administration

Secure the survey platform and dedicate the right access.

Location Tracking

View how your data collection path and monitor the journey

Quality Data Delivery

Quality data exported to the format as per customer require.

Live Dashboard

View the live collected data feed to dashboard platform

Professional Data Collectio Platform

Currently we have partner with Dooblo and we also have the technical expertise to host Limesurvey. Dooblo and Limesurvey brief introduction as below. 

SurveyToGo comprises all the must-have enterprise features to facilitate a global market research firm as well as easy-to-use, productivity features for smaller agencies conducting smaller scale projects or audits. Providing a robust yet easy to use platform that is simple and accessible is our primary goal! {source:}

  • Customer > Project > Survey > Chapter > Question > Answer Project Management Structure
  • 15+ Questions Type
  • WYSIWYG editor, can support text, image, video
  • HTML and scripting supported
  • Quota Control
  • Multiple Languages
  • Survey Logic, Randomization, Piping, Skipping, Hide / show, Looping
  • Survey Time (Part of quality control feature)
  • Data Export to more than 20+ type format
  • Able to to external dashboard
  • Offline data collection without internet
  • Pre-build functions for easier scripting
  • Silent audio, image or video capture trigger by select question.
  • API link to feed data for dashboard tools.

LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line statistical survey web app. As a web server-based software it enables users using a web interface to develop and publish on-line surveys, collect responses, create statistics, and export the resulting data to other applications.

  • Survey > Group > Question >Answer Structure
  • 20+ Questions Type
  • WYSIWYG editor, can support text, image, video
  • HTML and Java Script Supported
  • Quota Control
  • Panel Integration
  • Multiple Languages
  • Survey Logic, Randomization, Piping, Skipping, Hide / Show
  • Survey Timing
  • Data export to CSV, Excel, SPSS, PDF
  • Public statistic
  • Customize-able theme
  • Panel database support
  • Fast public statistic result.

Advance Features

View interviewer / Surveyor deployment.

View interviewer / Surveyor data collection path.

Online and offline on mobile and tablet for questions and multimedia.

View fieldwork KPIs

Fieldwork progress Reports

Populate tabulation result to Google Sheets and share with customer

Manage Data List in the survey

Silently capture image, video and audio for selected question(s)

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