Our Expertise

DAQ Tech is a technology based solution provider, providing Market Research services in the domains of FGD Facilities Setup, Questionnaire Programming, Survey Hosting, Data Collection, Data Management, Data Processing and Data Analytics.

Founded in 2019, by a group of market researchers and IT professionals who are passionate in the industry, with the aim to provide high standard and strategic solutions to help our partner for making optimized business decision

In House Team

Located in Kuala Lumpur, we are able to provide you the support whenever necessary

Knowledge Base

We have the expertise from both market research industry and IT background for more than a decade. We understand your needs!

Progressive Innovation

Continuous adaptation to latest technology that set us apart from others in the industry

Our Principles

The Principles of Responsibility are our organization’s code of conduct, which guide us in our daily work and help us accomplish our mission in an ethical work environme

One Partner

We aim to operate as a key outsourcing partner in the research industry, to improve on time and cost efficiencies, as well as data quality

Strength Partnering

Add value to your business by maintaining service consistency, working as your extended team & up-skilling our talents through our consistent training

Research Made Simple

We strive to assist the industry, especially the small & medium research agencies in simplifying the data needs of evolving research practices


We stay abreast in the field of ever-changing technology by consistently upgrading to latest technology

solution Partner

We works closely with solution principals and service providers to continue to improve our quality of services. 

Market Research Partner

We work closely with Pinnacle Analytics to offer better services when come to questionnaire design, moderation, and etc…


Data Capturing Platform

We work closely with Dooblo to offer the data capture solution with it unique features that allowed us to

  • The consistent of data captured and it data outputs.
  • The platform that worked across with or without internet
  • Data quality check mechanism to ensure the top quality of data. 
  • Interviewer path and fieldwork KPIs to help field manager to manage the data collection process.
  • Comprehensive permission control to ensure its data security

Technical Partner

We work closely with 11P for ICT infrastructure and network security and their expertise to provide good solutions when we need one. They have good expertise in

  • Customize solution and provide the hand holding for new solutions. 
  • Network and computer system administration and support
  • Network and security.



Sheon Liaw



Sheon Liaw

Sheon has been in the IT industry since 1998, with more than 15 years of experience in providing technology solutions to market research agencies in the country

Some of his experiences including, setting up FGD systems for some of the market research agencies, car clinic AV system setup, scripting (LimeSurvey, SurveyToGo), survey hosting and FGD video editing


Fared Zabidin


Operation head

Fared Zabidin

Fared started his path in research industry since year 2000. He has been involving himself in different operation units, e.g. fieldwork, data processing and quality control, IT department, etc.

His experience cross unit / department allow him to have better understanding on the script requirement to ease the data collection and data processing phase. Some of his experience including, scripting (LimeSurvey, SurveyToGo), data processing (SPSS, MS Excel), etc.